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About Victor Kumar

Referring to “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” (Martha Graham) Victor Kumar, artistic director, choreographer and dancer strongly believes in the power of dance as an art form: As Dance is universal and everyone can experience dancing in his/her life, it can connect people with each other; Beyond moving the body through space, Dance portraits the inner feelings. Inspired by all forms of artistic expression, Victor never gives up his dreams and wants to make people believe in theirs, no matter obstacle, difficulty or challenge they may encounter, sharing his passion for dance, coming with new ideas and creative projects with always endless inner energy to move forward.

Victor Kumar started dancing when he was fourteen. Pioneer in Macau as he first introduced Bollywood and Indian Dance in 2008, driven by his passion and determination. He has progressively become a dancer, instructor and choreographer highly regarded in Bollywood and Western dance styles, holding dance workshops and events across Asian countries.

He has been awarded as one of the Top 100 dancers in the Dance Indian Dance II (DIDII) competition in 2009.

As an instructor settled in Macau, Victor has been teaching both, yoga and dance classes, in different studios there, and hosting workshops as well. He has gained extensive and various dance skills, combining Indian and Western elements of dance within his high-energetic choreographies: from Bollywood, Indian Fusion, Bhangra, to Freestyle, Hip-Hop or Contemporary dance. Holding a 200-hours yoga alliance certificate, Victor is teaching yoga classes - Gentle, Hatha, Flow - to make people feel the balance and peace between the body and mind.


As an entrepreneur, Victor Kumar founded Bollywood Dreams Group in 2008 - his own dancing group performing in cultural events and showcases - launched his own dance clothing line (DANCERSIDOL) and its entertainment company to organize artistic events two years later in 2010. He more recently (2013) opened V Studio in Macau, which provides Dance and Yoga programs to the local people. Victor is teaching regular exclusive Dance (Bollywood, Indian Street Dance) and Yoga classes, as he is an RYS certified yoga trainer as well.

As an artistic director, Victor Kumar created in 2014 the Indian Cultural Showcase, where different dance groups performed on stage in Macau to make people discover the diversity of the Indian culture and show traditional and Bollywood dance styles. After this first success, Victor Kumar created, directed and performed his first Bollywood musical in September 2015, “Bollywood Dreams Journey” with 75 performers on stage, combining classical dances, spiritual elements and Bollywood entertainment, to embark the audience on a dancing journey to tell them the stories of life.


Victor Kumar is a genuine self-taught artist, sharing his love for dance and teaching with passion, high energy and style. He is always willing to make people feel the excitement of Bollywood and instill the spirit of any dance expression from India. “If you can move, you can dance” - Victor Kumar

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